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One day in Cairo

Cairo is the city of 22 million citizens… Come and see the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, go with the time
4000 years back, see how the Egyptian had lived in unbelievable civilization. The price includes guide + lunch meal + Egyptian Museum entrance fees and transfer

about cairo

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and built on both sides of the River Nile. Cairo is a historical city and a thriving metropolis. Midan Tahrir is the central area of Cairo is Garden City an upmarket
 suburb close to the city centre and Midan Ramses the area
around the railway station.
Cairo ("el Qaheera” in Arabic) is not just the capital city of Egypt, it's also the industrial and commercial

 heart of this gateway country which lies at the junction of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Though by western standards Egypt and Cairo might seem alien, the country as a whole and Cairo in particular is cosmopolitan by the standards of its eastern, western and southern neighbours. Women walk the streets without veils if they choose, despite its predominantly Muslim population, own cars and have jobs. Coptic (eastern orthodox Christian) churches mingle with Arabic neighbourhoods, nestling up against coffee shops, between mosques, and overlooking parks, highways and – to the north of the city – agricultural areas fertilised since time immemorial by the fertile waters of the Nile.

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