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The Red Sea has some of the best diving in the world and scuba diving is an absolute must-try when vacationing in Hurghada.
With around 1200 species of fish and 150 species of coral,
plus an average yearly temperature of 20° C, Red Sea is a pleasant place to jump in.
There are plenty of diving centers in all over Hurghada,
most of them situated on hotels beaches.
Diving courses for all levels are on offer,
including specialty courses where internationally recognized licenses are awarded.
Beginners become acquainted with the diving equipment either
 in the hotel pool or head straight to a daily dive trip on a boat.
Everybody,kids and adults of all ages, can explore the fascinating underwater world, hand in hand with an experienced instructor.
No prior skills are required.
Numerous white boats leave the dock every morning in the direction of the most interesting diving areas that are mostly situated at distances of 50-90 minutes sailing.
Two guided underwater diving expeditions are usually programmed during the outing,
 with a break between for lunch on board.
In addition to stunning coral reefs,
a chance of spotting lionfish, scorpion fish, parrotfish, rays, barracudas, seahorses,
 turtles and even dolphins is rather high.
For advanced divers, night diving, drift diving, wreck diving (e.g The Thistlegorm from the 1940ies,
 The Salem Express sunk only in 1991), diving safaris and options for underwater photography are available.

Another way to get acquainted with the extraordinary underwater life of Red Sea is to observe it from the surface – snorkeling. A mask,
a snorkel and a good pair of fins help you to get about and have a good look on what’s going on below.
For less experienced or in case of worse sea conditions,
a suit and floating vest are useful as well.
Snorkelers can either hop onto a diving boat and splash around in open sea, take a daily trip to one of the small sandy islands not far from the coast (Mahmya, Giftun, Paradise Island) or get soaked right on the hotel beach.
The farther you go, naturally, the more diverse marine life you see.
Snorkeling equipment is available for rent and for sale on spot.
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