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Taxi The main vehicle for tourist, to move around Hurghada is a taxi -they are cheap, plenty and available 24 h. Orange-color cars are available everywhere on the street, unfortunately there is no common phone line for taxi orders. Taxis are supplied with taximeters, which are not commomly in use and therefore price should be agreed on upon the trip.The price range for short distances should stay between 5-10 LE, longer distances inside the city border maximum up to 40 LE.


Minibus Minibuses are available on Hurghada streets as well. They ride a common route- from Titanic Aqua park, passing Sakala, to Dahar main square, but not allowed to enter the Promenade. Minibuses can also operate as taxis. No tickets are issued, but maximum price to be paid can be up to 3 LE. Car rental Rented car is one option for moving in and around the city. There is plenty of suppliers offering different vehicles with optional insurances. Speed limits inside the city are 60 km/h and on high way 90 km/h and seatbelt on first seats is required. Check you license validity before you rent the car as some countries licenses need extra international improvement to go with.


 Car rental prices starting from 30 USD per day. Buses There are intercity buses from Hurghada to Luxor, Cairo and Sinai.


Buses are inexpensive and working regularly. You will find schedules for morning and night time, as distances between the cities are long and many people prefer travelling at night. AC, WC, small drinks and snacks, TV (loud Arabic movies) are usually available. Look for following names: Go Buses, HighJet, Upper Egypt Bus Company . Prices are starting from 30 LE.


 Ferry There is a ferry boat operating between Hurghada and Sinai. A 2,5-3 hours ride will take you to opposite coast in quite comfortable way. Soft chairs in sitting area, TV, A/C and bar are available on the boat. Bear in mind that heavy winds are common in winter time on the Red Sea and therefore your trip can be canceled! Ticket should be bought before hand, prices starting from 250 LE for tourists.


Flights From domestic hall you will find flights to Sharm-El Sheikh, Luxor, Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan and Assiut . Operated by Egypt Air, book your ticket beforehand online or from Egypt Air office from the Promenade, opposite from TAX FREE shop.
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