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About hurghada
Hurghada is the capital of the Red Sea Governorate and welcomes holiday-goers from all over the world to stay in one of its 250 hotels, from comfortable 3 * to luxurious 5 * hotels; the offers are endless and constantly expanding. Whether you are interested in windsurfing, sailing, high sea-fishing, diving, snorkeling, or simply want to relax on the beach. Hurghadas’ offers are very multifaceted.



Nevertheless, if you still are not exhausted after a very active day, you can go for a typically Egyptian Schai (tea) and Schicha (water pipe) in one of the many cafes or you
can go to the market and try your luck in bargaining with the local people. Still not tired?
Then visit one of the several clubs which are open well into the morning hours.

Hurghada consists of three districts, El Dahhar, Al- Sakkala and Al-Ahiaa:

  • The El Dahhar district: This is the old city centre, where the typical Egyptian life pulsates.
  • Local markets (Souks), local stores and the fish market invite you for strolls and shopping.
  •  Particularly in the evening hours, there are more Egyptians than tourists.
  • The Al - Sakkala district: is also known as the tourist district, which has developed its walking passages around the old port. It is a dynamic area with many hotels, stores, shopping centers, cinema, clubs, and restaurants, which are all open well into the night and who are visited predominantly by holiday-makers.
    The Al - Ahiaa district: starts approx. 22 km north of Hurghada between EL Gouna and EL Dahhar and is located along the coast
  • al roadCharacteristically it consits of a small number of native residents and a multiplicity of finished or still under construction hotels. One cannot enjoy the eastern flair yet, but this will be done in the next few years.Due to the impressive underwater life of its reefs and islands, as well as the outstanding weather conditions Hurghada represents the most important destination for divers,
  •  water sports of all kinds and sunbathers in Egypt        
  • More places in the region of Hurghada
    El Gouna: 
El Gouna is among one of the most famous holiday destinations on the red sea and it is hardly believable that El Gouna is only a good ten years old. At the beginning it was only a fantastic idea of the Egyptian's businessman Samieh Sawieras to found an artificial city on the shore of the red sea. The realization of this bold project began with the construction of one single hotel with a 200 room capacity in the middle of the desert, approximately 22 km north of Hurghada, in 1996.
Today exists a well working infrastructure, from an excellent road network to extensive hotel and golf installations, the location also posses its own small airport. With comfortable housings or luxurious hotels, it leaves nothing to be desired. Golf lovers can enjoy the 18-holes golf course.

  Sahle Hasheish:

The name sounds funny but it contains a true core. Before several decades rumours were afloat that the majority of the landed drugs were smuggled over the seaway at this hidden corner. The place lies approximately 18 kilometers south of Hurghada and is among the newest big tourism projects on the red sea. A "mini city" is built with 6 hotel resorts, which will be opened officially at the end of 2007, some are already in operation. A cinema complex, and a centrally-located, bustling downtown which are perfect for creating an enjoyable vacation. One of the attractions is a massive bridge, which sticks out 250 meters into the sea and will be completed shortly.


Makadi Bay:

Makadi Bay is located approximately 30 km south of Hurghada. Also this is a place, which only in the last several years really began to establish itself. Makadi Bay is built on a romantic bay and includes 15 hotel resorts. In order to create a more vibrant Hurghada, the developer built a small downtown with a bank, oriental café, supermarket, and among other things, a pharmacy. The offshore coral reefs and the beautiful footpath along the promenade through the hotel resorts are the most important characteristics.


Soma Bay:
Soma Bay lies approximately 45 km south of Hurghada on a 10 million sqm peninsula.
 Soma Bay houses altogether 4 hotel resorts, a top-class 18-hole golf course, which was designed by the golf legend Gary Player. As a result of the available black sand a spa & thalassic therapy centre has been opened. For snorkel fans and those who want to be, there is a breathtaking house reef which lies directly ‘in front of your door’.

Safaga is a seaport and an attractive tourist destination. It is located 60 km south of Hurghada and has fine sandy beaches of approximately 60 km in length. The place is among Egypt's most important health resorts due to the black sand, which contains a healthy share of Uranium. This sand is the basic substance for the treatment of many skin illnesses, especially psoriasis. The air quality in Safaga is very high-quality, because the place lies directly on the red sea and is surrounded by mountains. The foundation of the city dates back to the year 1911, this happened at the same time with the discovery of phosphates in this area. Two small villages are in the vicinity of Safaga. The El Nasr village, it is located on the kilometer 85 of Safaga-Kena Street and is the home of the original desert inhabitants. Umm-Elhoitat is the name of the second village. It is situated 26 km south-western from Safaga, directly beside the phosphate mines.
The name Safaga first became known after an international meeting took place there in June 1995, in its framework the outstanding natural cure results of the scientific and medical experts became known world-wide.

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